Global Social Media Usage

Global Social Media Usage

The amount of social usage depends on the specific country. @MarissaMorr05


Simple Tips to Keep in Mind for Successful Global Marketing

Success is on everyone’s mind when taking the next step into global marketing. But there may be a few things that businesses are looking past when they are expanding abroad.

1. Relationships are still an important building block in marketing and even more so when it’s done in another country. It is important to understand and respect the culture that you are venturing into and know their traditions and values. Respect will lead to finding common interests and this can lead to having a professional relationship. When both parties know that the other partner has their best intentions in mind, successful work is achieved.

2. Establish a strong brand that will be recognizable wherever it is, but be able to tweak it according to the target market and their culture. McDonald’s is an example of a business that is recognizable anywhere in the world; however, there are differences between each establishment. You won’t find the items on the menu in the United States to be the same as those that are on a menu in India. Although alterations were made, McDonald’s didn’t compromise their goal of having a corporation that offers inexpensive food for all.

3. It is important to keep your focus on the potential customers. Extensive research is necessary to better understand who your target market should be based on the services or product that is being offered. Understand your target market and don’t try to provide services or products to everyone, but zero in a specific group that you want to reach. Chances are you will be more successful if you focus on and understand specific wants and needs of the customers and have a strategy for how you will reach the target market.

4. When expanding globally, it is necessary for consumers to be able to find your website and information on the offered products. Search engine optimization can greatly affect the success that is obtained by your business. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, it is a key component that can lead to much more traffic to your website and potentially more sales.

5. Understanding how consumers interpret content is extremely important. A company might be expanding to a high context culture and the consumers will interpret the meaning differently than someone from a low context culture. Just a few words may communicate a detailed message so word choice is necessary.

These simple tips can help ensure success with global marketing and take your business to the next level. Getting to know your target market and what they are looking for is essential.